Audio-visual script text written by Don O. Thorpe
Communication is a feeling, an understanding. It is a message sent and received. It's telling someone you care, or perhaps it's clarifying an important idea, or promoting a product or service.

Effective communication is the heart-beat of commerce and industry, education and government, and everyone else that has an idea to be communicated. But producing the right kind of communication can be a problem. Now, there is a communications medium that specializes in visual excitement and emotional impact, and that is the key to effective communication.

PHOTO-ENHANCED IMAGERY has emotional impact. With a combination of images orchestrated to intensify and augment the message. Photo-Enhanced Web Sites and Multimedia Presentations have visual variety, dazzling color and imagery. These are the key elements that can make PHOTO-ENHANCED IMAGERY a powerful communicative tool.

PHOTO-ENHANCED IMAGERY for the Internet is convenient and cost effective, because you can use in-house photographs or stock images. Of course, these images can be quickly changed and replaced. To update the visual impact of a Web Site or Multimedia Presentation, just upload another image. What's more, you can easily add a new section or subtract an old, out-dated section without changing the overall design and presentation. Changes are convenient and easy with PHOTO-ENHANCED IMAGERY.

PHOTO-ENHANCED IMAGERY has memory stimulating power. Research has shown that Web Sites and Multimedia using realistic images are remembered as much as 70% longer than text alone or text with graphic design formats. And the potential emotional impact of a Photo-Enhanced presentation is incredible.

The versatility of PHOTO-ENHANCED IMAGERY can also be used in a wide variety of situations from concert hall auditoriums to a one-man office call, it can be used for fund raising, promotion, theatrical productions, seminars, training sessions, conventions, trade fairs, sales meetings, annual reports, and anywhere a powerful communicator is needed. Whenever there is a need to motivate or change attitudes with a fresh dynamic approach, you really should try photo-enhanced Web Sites and Multimedia Presentations. We believe that PHOTO-ENHANCED IMAGERY can tell your story better than it's ever been told before.

We're DON THORPE IMAGES, and we specialize in PHOTO-ENHANCED IMAGERY with emotional impact. We can help you communicate better, right from the beginning concept to the final presentation. Script, photography, graphics, special effects, and design. We do all these things with sensitivity and experience.

We use the latest state-of-the-art Internet technology and eye catching photographic images. Our photography has been published worldwide and has won may honors on the Internet and in the Media. Our clients are among the largest and smallest in America. Our Internet Web Sites and Multimedia presentations speak for themselves. Let them speak for you.

Communication is a feeling. Communication is PHOTO-ENHANCED IMAGERY from DON THORPE IMAGES.





Photography Don O. Thorpe 2009