A Healthy Smile
  Written by Don O. Thorpe for Dr. Roger L. Hicks, D.D.S
A beautiful smile is something we always remember about a person. A smile sets the mood for happy experiences. An attractive smile can help you make friends, and help you be successful. Now there’s no reason for not having a beautiful smile, because any smile can be improved with the help of modern dentistry.

Crooked and deformed teeth can be transformed into straight and even teeth. It’s even possible to attach crowns, inlays and resins to damaged natural teeth to make them look and work like sound natural teeth -- and they’ll stay that way because modern dental materials are incredibly tough and permanent.

Today’s amazing dentistry can even change the bone structure of your face to help you be more attractive.
And there’s more good news. Today’s dental techniques have virtually done away with discomfort and pain.

Our computerized age has made other miracles possible, as well. Everything from X-rays that are harmless and quick, to dental materials that harden by exposure to light, and resins that fuse permanently to a tooth’s natural enamel.

As marvelous as all these modern techniques are, they still need a little help from you. Because of a daily build-up of bacteria in the mouth, a film of bacteria and bacteria waste forms on everyone’s teeth. This film, called plaque, becomes organized enough after 24 hours to begin damaging your tooth enamel and gums. So, it really is important to brush and floss your teeth every day so that you can disorganize the bacteria so they won’t harm your valuable teeth and gums.

Cutting down on sugar rich foods and candy also helps prevent dental disease. Sugar increases bacterial activity, so, if you must eat sweets, be sure to brush and floss your teeth as soon as you can afterwards.

A good diet of the proper foods, and lots of exercise helps to keep your body in healthy condition. This strengthens your natural healing forces to control mouth infections and disease.

Here are the basics for achieving and maintaining a good looking smile: 1. Brush and floss your teeth daily to disrupt the bacteria that forms tooth damaging plaque. 2. Avoid sugar rich foods and candy. 3. Eat a balanced diet of health promoting food. 4. Exercise on a regular basis. 5. Get regular dental check-ups, and listen to the advice of your dentist.

Doctor Hicks and his team of specialists know how to take care of your smile. They know how to use today’s advanced techniques to help you have a beautiful and radiant smile. But remember, they need your help, too.

Oh, yes, sound teeth are also good for eating.


Dr. Roger L. Hicks


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Photography Don O. Thorpe 2009