Audio-visual script text written by Don O. Thorpe
Most of us work hard to bring comfort and security to our homes. We dream and hope for success, but find the search to be challenging and sometimes discouraging. In these days of high living costs, both father and mother often need to work to produce sufficient income for family needs. Even substantial incomes may not provide financial security, because the strategy of investing and spending money has the most influence on the achievement of financial goals.
       Recent statistics reveal that financial security is impossible for many people today. A little more than half of the men in America over 65 years of age are financially independent -- the rest are still working to make enough money to pay for day to day requirements. Even more shocking, many senior citizens do not have adequate income even when all their resources are combined with social security benefits. This harsh reality motivates some people to seek opportunities to invest their money wisely, because they want a sound financial future.
       If a spouse is taken by early death, his or her earning power would have to be replaced if the surviving family members are to enjoy their present living standards. Responsible parents find comfort in knowing that all their financial obligations can be taken care of if they have a solid financial plan for the future.
       The trial of an untimely death is difficult enough without the added burden of financial hardship. The sale of a home should be a matter of personal choice, rather than a financial necessity. Even without the tragedy of early death, the passing years bring continuous economic changes of their own. And many parents find it necessary to make adjustments in their financial plans so that they can keep up with their growing family's needs.
       Financial strategies that are flexible and responsive to changing needs can lead to new horizons of success and security. It is possible with today's adaptable financial plans to provide financial security that will last a lifetime. With tax favorable treatment these plans can defer taxes while conforming to the latest government regulations and requirements, and at the same time build high compound interest income.
       With these plans, you can design your own plan by varying the amount of money you deposit or withdraw. You are in control, your progressive accumulation of wealth is up to you, not some pre-determined schedule. You can choose the amount of protection you want, and you can adjust the rate of accumulation through deposits to suit your needs or desires.
       Interest rates fluctuate daily in the current volatile financial climate. To take advantage of the highest interest rates possible it is necessary to be aware of the latest trends. A good financial plan will help you obtain the highest interest rates possible and multiply your future earnings. A young family today has the opportunity to accumulate over a million dollars during their most productive years.
       Begin your plan as soon as possible. One of the most important considerations for accumulating a large amount of future income is to begin as soon as possible. Most of us dream and hope for security. But financial security generally comes from being prepared and being able to recognize those golden opportunities when they come -- often without pretentious fanfare, or even without telling us they are here. Let us help you recognize the quiet reality of an opportunity that will secure financial well being for you and your family.





Photography Don O. Thorpe 2009