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Many of the images on this website have won awards in competition and have been showcased in more than two dozen solo exhibits including the premier venues: Springville Museum of Art, Finch Lane Art Gallery, Eccles Art Center, BYU Harris Fine Arts Gallery, and Utah Council of Arts Gallery. These images have also been featured in international publications including: Camera 35 and Modern Photography as well as books. such as: The Amphoto Guide to Low Light Photography. My audio-visual presentations include: Saturdays Warrior, World Hunger with John Denver, two convention productions for Utah governors, and an AV presentation for President Ronald Reagan when he visited Utah

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Artist Statement:  "My images are photographic by origin and impressionist by presentation. Some are enhanced with special digital techniques to create an imagery of feelings rather than precision. This approach produces a sense of vibrancy that cannot be achieved with traditional photography. The resulting images portray reality while adding an ambience of emotion that transcends realism to reveal what the eye and heart sees beyond the camera record -- you could say, this is an approach to art using photography" -- Don O. Thorpe

NOTE: Some of the images on this website were scanned and posted before advanced technology was available, so please excuse some imperfections. However, all the photographs are now available in high quality digital images. Also,  because some images apply to multiple topics, they may appear in several different galleries..


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