Impressionist Photography by Don O. Thorpe
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DON O. THORPE was born near the spectacular mountains of Southern Utah. As a boy, Don hiked the mountains and fished the streams of Beaver County. His youthful artistic senses were shaped by what he saw and felt. It's as though he was imprinted by the impressionist colors of the high mountain country and that has been a major projection of his artistic expression.
    Mr. Thorpe
specializes in Impressionist photography. He has been experimenting with fine-art photography for several decades and has won many awards in competition. He has had more than a dozen solo photo exhibits in galleries such as The Springville Museum of Art, The Finch Lane Art Gallery, The Eccles Art Center, The Harris Fine Arts Center, The Utah Council of Arts Gallery, the Nauvoo Visitors Center and others. His most recent exhibit was at the Anderson-Foothill Library.
    He has been featured  in numerous publications including, Camera 35, Modern Photography, the New Era, and the Ensign magazines, and books, such as, Israel Revealed, Amphoto Guide to Low Light Photography, and several books on the Holy Land, and several children's books.

    He studied art in California, Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and Utah State University in Logan, Utah
    His images are centered on events and places -- especially those that have historical impact. The Holy Land and Europe and the Eastern U.S. are favorite locations. Also, the rural locations of Southern Utah are of special interest because they reflect his roots. He is attracted to symbolic images that reflect humanity and the ebb and flow of everyday life. He prefers simple images with geometric shapes and uncomplicated colors. He often blends the colors and textures of subjects so that they have a direct and simple relationship to each other.
     Mr. Thorpe is available as a photographer for on location subjects,  portraiture, promotional images, exhibits, and anytime there is a need for a special approach in photographs.

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