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Reviews & Testimonials  

"The exhibit, "Photographic Impressionism" by Don O. Thorpe, demonstrates a deliberate search for techniques to produce spontaneous impressionistic images emphasizes the emotions with an inner sensibility rather than visual reality. This diverse representation of style and technique embraces the central idea of Impressionism."

"Mr. Thorpe is experimenting with different techniques which accentuate the possibilities of the photographic image. He believes that these techniques give him the freedom for creative expression with his camera, and that photography has an inherent means of artistic expression that cannot be achieved in any other way. He believes the observer can relate more closely to a photographic interpretation despite the fact that the image can be changed to meet the artist's requirements."
EXHIBIT REVIEW IN THE SUNDAY HERALD  One-man Exhibit of Camera at the B.F. Larsen Gallery

"Mr. Thorpe has cultivated the faculty that Henri Cartier-Bresson has described as the uncanny ability to capture the right moment. Thorpe's landscapes are perceived with imagination and recorded at mood filling moments. His study of haystacks recalls the style of Impressionist Claude Monet. Though his images are of a different locale, the magic of sunlight is still there."

"The Composition is excellent. Lines and masses flow in and around smoothly, and the tonal values in the prints move subtly from high to low, complementing the composition in a way that can only be described as pleasant. These pictures are successful because they achieve the objectives Mr. Thorpe set for himself. And we are proud of his accomplishment." 

"There is a special joy in meeting another photographer whom you instinctively know has experienced the same wonder, and magic of your kind of photography. Such was my reaction to Don O. Thorpe, who is an obviously talented and accomplished professional. His enthusiasm is contagious. He is both a realist and an idealist. His standards are high, technically and philosophically. Thorpe is a seeker of truth, and he has found that the ability to use photography in unusual conditions and with unusual techniques is essential to attaining this high-minded goal. He is a kindred spirit, with common passions. He speaks my language. He shares my aspirations to photographic expertise."
John Lewis Stage (
Photographer for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC & LIFE magazines)

I thought your images are the best that exist on the Internet.
Gareth Powell

I just found your website and I'm awestruck by your photo Impressionism work. Thanks for inspirational Galleries!
Daniel Joelsson

Very Nice Work. Since I come from Jerusalem the Old City, usually photographs of Israel bore me but not this time. Who knows maybe one day we will meet! I am a professional photographer too.
Steve Sabella

I just wanted to tell you much I enjoyed looking at your photographic art of Jerusalem. Your photographs capture visually the emotions and awe and reverence that I hold in my heart today and always. Your photographs have an effect in that the image passes through you and the response is much deeper than a visual and aesthetic one - it resonates in the soul. Thank you. Shalom,
Robin H.

Mr. Thorpe, thank you. I am without words. Your work has uplifted my spirit. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts. This is just too wonderful to keep to myself.
Connie L. Fredericks

I just viewed your photos and I am amazed by how beautiful they are. I have never traveled to the Holy Land, but your photos inspire me to go.  Not only is the landscape awesome, but your interpretive photography captures even more. I praise God for the gift of photography he has bestowed on you.
Laura Scotford

I found your site on the internet and loved your beautiful photography.  I have some slides I purchased while there, but they don’t even compare to your amazing work.  Your images and words really brought me back to one of the greatest times of my life.
Christianne Green

I just viewed your Website for the first time, and I am amazed and profoundly touched by the beauty of your Photographs.  They are truly Inspiring to look at. I would love to purchase several of your Photographs of various subjects. 
Duane Hawe

Don, what a great career. Your work has inspired and blessed countless people. It was an honor to work with you many years ago, and I wish you many happy years to come.
Randy Gleave

Your work is beautiful and heartfelt. God’s blessings to you, (it seems you have already been blessed!)
Jennifer Lundquist

From years ago, I was drawn to and inspired to use your images in CES slide sets, because they capture the true spirit of Israel-- the true spirit of Church history--the true spirit of our Savior!  You are a true artist. Long after you are gone, your work will remain as a legacy of your gifts!
Paul Thomas Smith

Your inspiring art has changed my life.



801-582-6019   donothorpe@gmail.com

Don O. Thorpe