Everybody, it seems, wants to publish a book, and I was no exception. I looked for a likely publisher, and found the address of the American Photographic Book Publishing Company in New York. I'm a photographer, I thought, so that should be the best bet. I sent an inquiry letter along with some photographs and suggesting that I write a book about the Holy Land since I had done lots of that kind of photography. Within a week I got an answer! They liked my photographs and my writing style, but they did not need Holy Land books. "Could you write a book about Available Light Photography," they asked. I answered, "Sure I can do that." A week later, they replied, "Good, send us a sample chapter." I stayed up day and night writing the first chapter and sent it to them. Within another week, they answered, "OK, send us the book." And that's how this book was published. The book sold eleven thousand copies and can still be purchased from Amazon and other book stores even though it is out of print.