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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will you take the pictures I want?
Just ask, and I will photograph what you want me to. If you want family groups, or special poses, or your children playing, just ask and I'll shoot it.
Do you charge extra for travel?
Only outside of Salt Lake City. and then only actual cost and expenses for travel -- lodgings for long distance locations is extra.
How can my family and friends see the photographs?
Up to 10 photographs can be posted on my website at a minimal cost.  They are left on my server for 30 days -- you can also post them on your own website or a free Internet hosting service.
Do you take black & white pictures?
I can shoot both black & white and color, however, it is possible with today's sophisticated digital technology, to shoot with color and have some images changed to black & white. 
Can you do digital photography?
Yes, in fact that is the only way I shoot my portraits. Digital cameras provide instant feedback so you can see what I shoot, and change the poses or background as you want.
How long does it take to get my pictures?
Lo-res digital images on a CD can be available for review the day following the portrait session. Portrait prints can be finished in several days.

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