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Music for Weddings, Parties and clean-cut events



Retro Rock for weddings and clean-cut events. Music that is reminiscent of the classic Rock sounds of the 70's and 80's. It's the kind of Rock that sets a mellow mood that sometimes rocks with a sound that doesn't blast you ears and stifle conversation. It's the kind of music that everyone feels comfortable with.

We are called the SALT CITY FOUR. We are seasoned and experienced musicians, and we play a wide variety of songs from old to new.

We play the Salt Lake City area, but not for night clubs or parties that get out of hand. We like it when everyone has a good time without getting drunk, high or boisterous. So if you want a good, clean-cut but cool band, we are a good choice.

The average fee for an evening is $500.

Call or email to schedule an event

If you are in the Salt Lake City area, we are available most anytime. If required, however, the trio could travel by special arrangements.

CALL 801-582-6019


I have been playing the drums professionally since the 70's.  I've played big band Swing, combo Jazz, Rock & Roll, and Country. I've even played for Greek weddings and Octoberfest.  I also played the drums a couple of years for an Elvis impersonator.  I was in several U.S. army marching bands, and associated with some of the finest musicians in the country. We are called the SALT CITY FOUR, and we play for weddings and social events.


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