Tutorial for Better Photos 
by Don O. Thorpe


Take several memory cards -- the larger the better -- I have a 32GB SD card that holds thousands of photos

This is a must.  Depending on your camera, at least one extra battery is necessary. If your smart-phone does not have a removable batter, then bring a plug-in rechargeable battery pack.

In the old days of film cameras, you always needed a stack of filters to correct or add to lighting conditions. Now these are built into the digital electronics of the cameras. Many digital cameras have an automatic AWB setting that corrects for most light conditions with just the one setting.

A camera support such as a tripod can make it possible to get photos of scenes that would otherwise be impossible to photograph. However, tripods are bulky and awkward to use, and I usually do not take them. I try to find alternate devices such as something to prop up the camera or smart-phone. Useful prop-up items are such things as a shoe, hat, sweater, etc.  

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